Routine checkup and regular visits to the dentist are important In order to maintain oral health. Limiting the amount of sugar intake, healthy diet, regular brushing after meals and flossing daily can give you the advantage of having healthy teeth and gums. But in the longer run, plaque that forms in your mouth can sometimes be outside the reach of your floss or toothbrush. This can harden over time into tartar that can only be removed through professional teeth cleaning and polishing. Plaque and tarter can erode your tooth enamel and lead to various gum issues as well. At Palisades Dental clinic, our professional teeth cleaning will remove any plaque and tartar, giving you healthy and clean teeth.

Palisades Dental offers a comprehensive dental exam at your initial visit including a physical checkup of your teeth and gums, X-Rays, an analysis of your occlusion (bite) and complete teeth cleaning. It is very important to assess if any damage was caused by plaque and tartar and to what extent. If you have any signs of gingivitis (which is the first stage of gum diseases), it is vital to address it before it leads to advanced stage of periodontics. Getting professional teeth cleaning is the best way to stop and avoid tooth decay and any gum diseases. Call Palisades Dental and set up an appointment now.