About Palisades dental clinic

Palisades Dental provides general and cosmetic dental care in a warm and inviting atmosphere. At Palisades Dental, we provide patient centred care with a focus on making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable while at the dentist. We will always take the time to explain any dental procedure or go over costs prior to doing any dental treatment. Building a long lasting relationship based on trust with our patients is our number one priority.

Our team is caring and compassionate that is dedicated to offering you personalized top quality care with a preventative approach.

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Our Values:

Palisades Dental’s core values include: accountability to our patients, employees, and the general public for the services and information we provide, being patient-centered and acknowledging each patient as a unique individual, establishing a therapeutic relationship first, ensuring continuity of care, unconditional positive regard always, elevating the awareness of oral health as an essential component of one’s well-being and excellence in the provision of dental services.

Our dental team delivers patient-centered dental services that make our patients feel good about themselves and improve their quality of life.


Palisades dental’s mission is to provide high quality, holistic dental care. We strictly adhere to all regulatory and ethical rules set forth by the Alberta Dental Association to ensure our clinic is a safe place to work and receive dental treatments. We are committed to creating a respectful and positive work environment where every team member feels valued and engaged.

Palisades Dental empowers patients by providing effective communication about oral health and works collaboratively with our patients to find the treatment plan that is right for them.

Our Services